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Sample Well

A Sample Well is used in sewer applications to allow for periodic sampling of the wastewater (usually required by the Administrative Authority). Wastewater samples are used to monitor the performance of Grease/Lint interceptors, Oil/Water Separators or Acid Neutralization Tanks. Samples are taken from the sample port or by removing the cover. The sample is then sent to a laboratory for analysis for BOD, TSS, pH, and Oil/Grease content.

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sample_well_below_grade sample_well_above_grade

Sample Well Below Grade

The ParkUSA model SWB and SWBP are recommended for buried applications. The SWB is rated for AASHTO HS-20 traffic loads.

The Model SWB is constructed of Class I/ II concrete with a minimum design strength of 4500 psi conforming to ASTM C890 and C478.

Sample Well Above Grade

The ParkUSA Model SWAS, SWASS & SWAP Sample Wells are recommended for use in a non-buried applications such as basements. The sample well should be adequately supported from ceiling structure. Typically the material of construction in an above ground application is the same as the interceptor.