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Sand-Oil Separators

Wastewater that contains significant amounts of oils or solids that interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of effluent must be treated before being discharged into the sanitary sewer system. To comply with effluent water quality standards mandated by the EPA and local plumbing codes, wastewater treatment options utilizing oil/water separators is common.

The ParkUSA Oil Trooper® Oil-Water Separator is a passive gravity flow system for the separation of oil from oily water mixtures. The design uses the difference in specific gravities between oil and water (buoyancy force) and is enhanced by the use of patented coalescing plates. Using a gravity flow system, the separator is designed to receive oily water and process it in a single step.

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Sand-Oil Separator concrete

The SOCMP series separator is manufactured of Class II 4500 PSI precast concrete offering superior structural strength and longevity. As an option, the interceptor can be equipped with a variety of interior chemical proof liners including PVC.

Sand-Oil Separator steel

This series is a steel unit and is recommended for applications where the separator is installed in a freestanding location, i.e., in a basement or on a slab.

Sand-Oil Separator fiberglass

This model is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), it is corrosion resistant and lightweight for above or below ground installations.