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Grease interceptors are devices designed to reduce the amount of FOG (Fats, Oil and Greases) in wastewater before discharging in a municipal wastewater treatment system. Our grease troopers are used in establishments (commercial kitchens and food production/processing industries) to remove excessive amounts of grease that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of wastewater.

Furthermore these grease traps ensure the compliance to local plumbing codes and EPA Sewer Pretreatment Regulations (40.CFR.403). Untreated wastewater leads to the accumulation of FOG and contributes to sewer blockages and sanitary sewer overflows. Commonly referred to as SSO, this release of polluted water can contaminate our public waters, causing serious water quality problems, and back-up into homes, causing property damage and threatening public health. The high demand for the perfect grease interceptor has resulted in several designs that compete in the market place.

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Grease Interceptor GT

The Park GT Series Interceptor is manufactured of Class II 4500 PSI precast concrete offering superior structural strength and longevity.

Grease Interceptor GTS

This series is a steel unit and is recommended for applications where the grease interceptor is installed in a freestanding position, i.e., in a basement or on a slab.

Grease Interceptor GTP

This model is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material and is corrosion resistant and lightweight for above or below ground installations.