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GeoCat (Geotextile Dewatering Frontloader)
GeoCat Model FL

Product Code: GEFL2
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GeoCat Model FL

The GeoCat Models are dewatering boxes that use disposable filter media. The GeoCat is designed to be used with sticky, slimy, slightly oily, non-uniform, non-specific, colloidal, or simply hard to dewater sludge where flocculation is not an option. The GeoCat is also useful for dewatering operations in which the residual sludge cake would present a clean-up issue, as the disposable filter is discarded with the filter cake.

They are a cost effective way to collect, dewater, transport and dump all kinds of sludges, slurries, and wet solids.

There are different models for this application available. Different features are available with each model. One of the features of the front loader model of the GeoCat is the availability of a locked hard top.

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