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Acid neutralization tank - 5 gal.
5 gallons acid neutralization tank

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Description How it Works

5 gallons acid neutralization tank

This acid neutralization tank is constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is optional wrapped with a fiberglass (FRP) casing. The neutralization of acidic wastewater is performed by chemical rocks inside the ANTP. Those lump limestone or marble rocks should have a minimal calcium and carbonate content of 92%. The chemical rocks, which have a size of 1" to 3", are expandable during normal operation.

The chemical reaction of calcium and magnesium carbonate with the acidic waste is needed in order to perform the neutralization process. This chemical process makes it possible to increase the pH value to 6.0 all the way up to 8.0. At this pH range, the neutralized acidic waste water is generally acceptable to be discharged into the public sewer systems.

Further information you will find below:

Model ANTP
Series Labtank acid neutralization systems
Material High density polyethylene
Optional wrapping available soon Fiberglass casing
Size of labtank 5 gallons
Neutralization medium Lump limestone or marble
Size of chemical rocks 1" to 3"