geocat_frontloader APS_30x30_aluminum_hatchway Safety_net_kit_48x48
APS-30"x30" aluminum hatchway
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Safety net kit 48"x48"
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

GeoCat Model FL

The GeoCat Models are dewatering boxes that use disposable filter media. The GeoCat is designed to be used with sticky, slimy, slightly oily, non-uniform, non-specific, colloidal, or simply hard to dewater sludge where flocculation is not an option.

APS-30"x30" aluminum hatchway

This aluminum hatchway is used in vaults, sidewalks and floors.

Series Angle Frame Pedestrian Loading
Single Leaf
Cover plate Diamond Plate

Safety net kit 48"x48"

Our safety net kit is a lightweight net system and is designed to be installed in any type of floor or roof access hatch.

Series HatchSafe fall protection
Size 48" x 48" (121.92 cm x 121.92 cm)
Myers_ME100S_21 Myers_VRF20M_21 12sqx6_ catch_basin_high_extension
Myers ME100S-21 effluent pump
Usually Ships in 14 to 21 Business Days
Price: $1,642.50
Myers VRF20M-21 grinder pump
Usually Ships in 14 to 21 Business Days
Price: $2,205.00
12" sq. x 6" catch basin high extension w/ lip
Will Call Only; Mo - Fr 7am - 5pm
Price: $65.00

1/2 through effluent pump

The ME100S-21 is ideally used in trench and mound pressure distribution systems.

Series Myers ME Series
(3/4" Solids) Effluent Pump
Model 25325D022
UPC # 054128307640

Automatic grinder pumps

The new Myers VRF20M-21 grinder has a patent pending axial cutter technology.

Series Myers VR1 & VR2 Series
Grinder Pumps
Model 28200D210

12" sq. x 6" catch basin
High extension with lip

Sometimes a high extension for a catch basin is needed in order for the grate to reach the street level or the surface.

Series High extensions for catch basin
Model CBEL1206
Myers_WG20_01 helipport_separator ParkUSA EleVaderâ„¢ Elevator System
Myers WG20-01 grinder pump
Usually Ships in 14 to 21 Business Days
Price: $2,988.00
EleVader™ Elevator System Model EX
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks

Standard and hazardous location submersible grinder pump

The WG20-01 is a rugged 2 HP submersible centrifugal grinder pump. It is designed for light commercial, residential or industrial applications.

Series Myers WG/WGX20 Series
Grinder Pumps
Model 21575D505
The HeliCepter® is a fuel-water separator for use on elevated helidecks. In the event of a helicopter accident or fuel spillage, the separator will separate and retain flammable fuel from stormwater to maximize life-safety and property protection.

Elevator System Model EX

ParkUSA’s EleVader® is a product used to pump out liquids (usually oil and water) from the elevator pit. The unit is a passive gravity flow system for the separation of oil from oil-water mixtures. The EleVader EX Steel unit is used where space availability is limited.